Chicago Fire  Audition Headshot By: Joshua Albanese

Chicago Fire Audition Headshot By: Joshua Albanese

One of the perks of being an actor turned comedian turned copywriter is re-purposing my Chicago Fire audition headshot for this page. Because nothing says, “agency copywriter” like studio lighting and looking vulnerable.

For a snapshot of my personality, click on my natal chart. If you are not proficient in “hipster astrology,” then here’s a breakdown: I have a fun personality, I am a wealth of creative ideas, and I get sh*t done (you’re welcome). I also perform stand-up comedy—not listed on the natal chart but still relevant.

However, you probably want to know more about my work. So, here’s a recap. While working as an operations coordinator at PromoWorks (a shopper engagement agency), I used my creative background to spearhead a film team to produce educational content. I wrote, storyboarded, directed, and produced all of the film team’s content. Our film team started as a task force and ended as a billable service for clients. This experience, plus years of writing and producing comedy, helped me discover my love of copywriting.

This summer, I worked as a copywriting intern for Zoro, an eCommerce company owned by Grainger. There, I had the opportunity to write copy for multi-channel promotional campaigns, SEO-enhanced website copy, branded messages, develop advertising concepts and much more.

I also write blog posts for a variety of clients on with topics ranging from game development to beauty. In my free time, I develop creative advertising campaigns because #GOALS.

If you want to know more about me, then let’s get glitter lattes and chat like humans.